My Wood Business Card
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Can I split my order among different people?

Yes. If you order 50pcs or more for each person, your order can include different name/contact information. For instance, you could order 200 cards for four people – each will receive 50 cards and you will receive the 200 card price.

Why would I need wood business cards?

Business cards have a great purpose than simply relaying contact information – in today's digital world, you could do that with a simple text. Our wood business cards are designed to make you instantly stand out and leave a memorable impression. That’s our promise to you. So when boring paper cards won’t do, be sure to elevate the experience of everyone you meet, or who comes in contact with your business or organization. Wood business cards are a conversation piece, sustainable, and custom-made just for you.

Are your cards made of real wood?

Yes, we source only the finest raw woods for our production. We also maintain that our woods are responsibly and sustainably sourced! Our wood products are made from micro-thin plywood that is roughly 1mm thick – that’s slightly thicker than a normal credit card. Our plywood features two thin veneer sheets glued onto a micro-thin center paper. This helps keep the product rigid, but with the natural look and texture.

Why should I order from My Wood Business Card?

We realize you have many options for wood business cards and other wood products. We’ve reviewed the competition and set-out with one simple goal: Offer the world’s finest wood business cards. This has been our mantra with parent company My Metal Business Card – the world’s leading supplier of metal business cards. In the same pursuit of excellence, we bring you the world’s finest wood business cards based on our sustainable and beautiful woods to our state-of-the-art lasering processes. No one offers cards like these – get free samples and compare for yourself!

How durable is the wood?

Our products utilize micro-thin plywood – it’s two ply’s of thinly cut, real-wood veneer, sandwiched on durable paper. This helps keep the product flat, straight, and durable.