Top 3 Wood Business Cards with QR Codes

Published August 22, 2022 | Last updated on February 9, 2023

Author: My Wood Business Card

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A business card with a QR Code bridges the gap between print and digital media, creating a marketing juggernaut! Combine those elements with a custom designed Wood Business Card, and you are guaranteed success.

We are always looking for new ways to keep you on the cutting edge, and have assembled a list of our Top Wood Business Cards with QR Codes to share the endless capabilities and opportunities that await you and your own custom set of Wood Business Cards:

3. 10/10 Wood Recommend – Wood Business Card with QR Code

Birch Wood Business Card - Mywoodbusinesscard

This crisp Birch Wood Business Card proudly displays its QR code on the back of the card making shopping quick and easy!

Straight and to the point we used our UV printing process to apply the large and in charge QR code to these cards in a bold black to ensure their scanning capability. With so much room to play we always recommend taking full advantage of both sides of your card to maximize your potential. To amplify the special qualities of a wood card, we also used our precision lasers to cut out the company name!

Lead your audience directly to your online shop or most important information by adding a QR code to your cards! 

2. Ceiba For Yourself

Ceiba Wood Business Card - Mywoodbusinesscard

For Stella Schaefer’s cards, they decided the subtle wood grain and light tones of our genuine Ceiba Wood Cards were the right choice to complement the QR code and share her information!

Opting for a more classic business card design, the addition of a QR code elevates the design to a new level and connects the classic feel of a wood card with modern technology. Making use of the available space, we used a crisp black printing to apply the content, and let the organic quality of the wood shine. Leaving no room to question, a small but helpful line of instruction hugs the QR code to aid those unfamiliar with the concept in the scanning process, ushering them into the future.

Whether you are loud and proud or classic and discreet, a QR code serves every style!

1. Will You Cherry Me?

Cherry Wood Business Card - Mywoodbusiness Card

David Levine of Whiskey In My Wedding Ring wanted a natural and hearty looking card that could wrangle in new listeners to his podcast!

Our Cherry Wood Business Cards have the perfect natural warm tone and wood grain for a card reminiscent of a whiskey barrel. Using our UV printing process we also added top and bottom border patterns channeling the hoop rivets of a genuine wooden barrel. Going full business in the front and party in the back, the front of the card totes the necessary business information while the back comes equipped with DOUBLE the fun including two QR codes! Making sure no one will miss out on the fun, we added a QR code to lead directly to David’s website and one directly to his podcast for immediate entertainment.

Here at My Wood Business Card we want to make sure you are ready to impress through outstanding designs, and the latest trends in marketing!  Turn your cards up a notch today with a specialized QR code.