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Published December 5, 2023

Author: My Wood Business Card

Plastic Business Card Design

If the thought of designing a business card, especially one made of wood, seems daunting to you, don’t worry! Our skilled in-house graphic design team is here to simplify the process for you. 

We specialize in crafting wood business cards that are not only personalized to your unique brand and needs, but are also fun and easy to create with the help of our team. 

These cards blend top-tier design with premium materials, ensuring they leave a lasting impression and effectively convert prospects into clients.

Creating your wood business card is a straightforward, 4-step journey:

White Oak Wood Business Card

1. Begin with Brainstorming

The myriad of choices might seem overwhelming initially, but starting is as simple as focusing on the basics!

Consider your logo (we’re here to assist if you need a custom logo design), your company’s name, the industry you’re in, and your brand’s color scheme. 

Ponder over the color palette you wish to use and your preference of wood type.

To ignite your creativity, here are some examples that could inspire your own card designs:

Wood Business Cards for a Construction Company

White Oak Wood Business Card Full Color
  • Logo:  Graphic and Detailed
  • Colors: Black and Brown
  • Industry: Construction/Contracting
  • Wood Type: White Oak

ASC Contracting works in the construction field, and while the cards look cool, they also reinforce the brand by portraying a rugged image. This design sets the perfect tone for a company that works with lumber, big equipment, and heavy machinery. 

Do you also work in construction? You may want to consider exploring a similar design for your own cards!

Wood Business Cards for a Realtor

  • Logo: Classic and Caligraphic
  • Colors: Green and Brown
  • Industry: Realty
  • Wood Type: Basswood
Basswood Business Card

A realtor is at the top of the list when it comes to needing a high-end business card design, and these cards fit that brief. 

With just a bit of fun from the decorative border pattern, this wood card design has the personality this client needs to stand out and rock an interview with potential buyers.

Wood Business Cards for a Sod Store

Bamboo Wood Business Card
  • Logo: Bold and Vibrant
  • Colors: Blue, Green and Black
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Wood Type: Bamboo

Passionate about the quality of their products, it only makes sense for them to hand out business cards that reflect those same qualities.

The organic quality of the raw wood cards lends itself beautifully to the nature of the business. Fun fact, Bamboo is actually a grass, which makes it the perfect choice for their sod business.

This client’s business card design is vibrant and blooming with personality, from the grassy bottom border to the beautiful gradient logo at the top. 

2. Place Your Order

To get started with your own business card design proof, the first step is to place your order. Even if you’re not quite sure of the design yet, this gets the process started. Choose one of these three options to get started with your order:

Option A: Cards + card design service

Beech Wood Business Card

If you know exactly what you want, but just need our help bringing your wood business cards design to life, this is the option for you.  Start by visiting the Wood Business Cards page to view the selection of wood types available for your cards.

Once you have decided on a wood type, the product builder will allow you to:

  • Select the quantity of cards you want to order.
  • Add-on the Card Design Service.
  • Provide additional information via Design Content and Design Direction boxes.
  • Select additional premium add-ons to take your cards to the next level, including two sided Full Color Printing, white base layer, and more!

When the card builder reflects what you want for your wood business cards design, press the “Add To Cart” button and complete the check-out process.

Once your order is placed, the design team will get working on the first digital proof!

Option B: Wood Business Cards design service

Cherry Wood Business Card

If you know you want wood cards but are torn between the different types or want to see the design before committing to a full order, our Business Card Design Service is best route for creating your new high-end business card design.

Once on the Business Card Design Service page, you’ll complete the process by providing:

  • Any content you want used, such as name, contact info, or any other content you would like listed on the cards.
  • Design direction notes if you have any ideas in mind, or inspiration you would like to share.
  • Uploading any logo files or visual references.

Once we receive the information, we will work with you to make sure your wood business card design is perfect! You can expect your designer to reach out to you with a few design-related questions to help with the initial proofing process. 

This can include:

What style of card best fits your desired design look?

Wood Business Card Styles

What is your ideal card finish?

Wood Business Card Finishes

Here are some more questions we might reach out with:

  • Do you want your card to be horizontal or vertical?
  • Should the cards have a softer or harder design feel?
  • Do you have a color preference or specific colors you use in your existing branding?
  • Do you have a font preference?  

Your answers to these questions will help our graphic designer create exactly the right kind of design for you and your business. 

Once the product builder best reflects your initial vision for your wood business cards design, press the “Add To Cart” button and complete the check-out process.

Option C: Easy order package option

Basswood Business Card White Base Layer

If you want an easy, all-in-one experience, we have a great Package Special that includes a wood business card design and the wood cards. 

My Wood Business Card | Aws288150 Mwbc Pioneer Pack Main Image

Our Pioneer Pack includes 100 Basswood business cards, FREE business card design service, FREE shipping, and FREE front side full color printing! 

Our easy-to-follow order page guidelines will allow you to provide the information you want on the card, add design notes and direction, and upload a logo. Select “add to card” and you’ve started the process. 


3. Express yourself during the proofing process!

Cherry Wood Business Card Full Color

Within 24 working hours of placing your order, you will receive your Wood Business Card digital proof.

This will come from one of our talented, in-house graphic designers who will work with you throughout the process to ensure your order is exactly as you imagined.

We try our best to get it right with the first proof, but we include up to five revisions! We are committed to making sure you are in love your card design.

4. Approve your wood business cards design

Once you love your custom wood business card design, the next step is to confirm your proof. 

If you placed a full order of cards, your approval sends your order into full production. 

If you approve your proof in the standalone design service, the next step is to place your order so we can begin production! 

It’s an easy process: simply select the card finish for your approved design and the quantity.  In the notes, please reference your Design Service order number. Complete the checkout process and your order will be sent into production.

Need additional help? Email us at and we are happy to get you setup.

[Bonus Step] 5. Reorders Made Simple!

Our easy to use website makes re-ordering a breeze! Simply visit My Account – no registration required – just enter your Email address to receive a validation pin code for login.

Here is the direct link to the My Account area

From there, you can review your past orders to place a quick and easy re-order! If you want updates or changes to your card, you can select Re-Order With Changes. 

From there it will take you to the card builder page where you can make any adjustments, or add in new notes you’d like us to reference. If revisions are needed, we will still email you a new proof for your review/approval.

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