You get one shot at a first impression with potential customers – there’s a good chance that no one else has ever given them a business card that looks and feels like yours will. Wood cards have a warm, natural beauty that traditional business cards simply don’t offer.

If you’re an artisan or designer, wood cards create an immediate connection to your craft and attention to detail. Our 100% custom engraving will help you send a message that’s impossible to ignore.


Our team built the world-leading metal card company through extremely responsive customer service, quality in-house custom work, and quick turnaround times. We’ve stuck to our roots by bringing those same core values to a new type of business card – wood!

All orders are 100% custom-made, laser-cut, and ship for free in the USA. All of our wood materials are responsibly and sustainably sourced. We’re obsessed with quality so you can have a business card you’re proud to share.