Trust our years of experience in the business card and marketing industry - Wood Business Cards are the perfect choice to distinguish your business apart from the competition!


Here’s FIVE reasons why:


  1. They’re A Step Up From Paper - Wood Business Cards can effectively replace your paper cards while offering better quality and more features. You will STAND OUT with Wood Business Cards because so many people have common paper cards.
  2. Real Wood - At My Wood Business Card, we utilize 100% real wood. Thus, our wood cards are light yet incredibly durable. Choose from .8mm thick Cherry, Mahogany or Red Cedar wood – all of which are very sturdy and ideal for frequent handling!
  3. Made to Last - A paper business card can only go through so much wear and tear before it loses its appeal. On the other hand, a Wood business card is tough and can withstand regular use – it’s biodegradable too!
  4. Tons of Customizations - Whether your card needs to look simple and professional or vibrant and fun, Wood Business Cards are the way to go. We offer an array of customization add-ons that include color printing, cut outs, etching on the front & back, and custom shapes.
  5. Save Money - The Wood Card option saves money that would’ve been used for paper replacements. Cut costs by investing in cards that last! After all, a great business card should deliver a fantastic first impression while being cost-effective too!



We can make your Wood Business Card BOLD and impressive.

Our team at My Wood Business Card has the expertise and the tools to make this happen!
Simply add our $60 Artwork Service to your order. We can turn your current design into a unique Wood Business Card that will make a solid impression on your clients.
When you hand someone your one-of-a-kind Wood Business Card, they will be immediately impressed from the way you have invested in marketing yourself. They will know you care about the work you do down to the smallest details.
This is why it’s the perfect choice for you and why we put a great deal of effort into the design and manufacturing of your cards!
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