Custom-shaped Wood Business Cards are unique and guaranteed to make a lasting impression.  

Whether you want to accentuate your logo or have a design that STANDS OUT, we can create a card shape that is tailored specifically to your brand.



All cards are laser cut in-house from sheets of responsibly and sustainably sourced Wood. 

  1. First, we print your logo or any other parts of your card that are in color. The inks we use are vibrant, durable and look great! 
  2. Second, our state-of-the-art laser will surface etch your cards to engrave any etched content. 
  3. Next, the lasers micro-focused beam cuts any see-through shapes.
  4. Finally, the laser cuts the external shape of your cards.

Why does this matter? Our lasers allow every order to be 100% custom made, giving us the freedom to completely personalize your design!  



The options are almost limitless! 

Instead of having a default-sized business card, you can modify both the appearance and the shape to effectively reflect your business identity. 

Whether you want the shape to replicate a tuxedo for your formal clothing company or even a Mini Cooper for your automobile business, we can create a custom-shaped card perfectly personalized for your company.

With custom shaped wood cards that stand out among the competition, clients will easily recognize and remember your brand. 

Give an edge to your business with custom shaped Wood Cards!


Check out our Top 5 Custom-Shaped Business Cards below:

5. Barrels of Fun


We custom cut this Red Cedar Card in a circle to match the shape of our client’s Pork Barrel brand. Additionally, the logo name is surface etched with the design features printed in black color.

Circle shaped business cards feel nice in hand because of their round shape and no square edges!


4. Hexagon Style


Christopher Williams, a New York City furniture designer and maker, wanted a custom shaped card that would emphasize his logo. 

Christopher has a very distinct hexagon logo so we played on that shape, added a custom cutout border and mimicked half the hexagon shape for the left side of his card.

A custom shaped card doesn’t necessarily mean the entire card is custom cut – sometimes it’s even more eye-catching to combine the standard business card style and custom shape together!  


 3. A Card with Impact


LAXMI was looking for a vertical Wood Business Card that complimented their round logo. Our professional graphic team designed a one-sided, custom card shape that flatters the logo nicely.

All content on the card was surface etched with our state-of-the-art machines. The inner details of their logo are cut through the card, making the design that much more appealing.


2. But first, coffee…


PHRYG Coffee Co. from local San Diego, California wanted a Wood Business Card that matched the rustic style of their coffee and tea brand. 

We custom cut their cards to the exact shape of their logo and etched all of the content for a detailed yet natural look.  

PHRYG can confidently hand these out to clients knowing their cards are truly ONE-OF-A-KIND!


1. Fair and Square


We made these awesome square shaped Wood Cards for BIG KINE, another local company from Long Beach, California. 

The front of their card features their square logo with black printed color and custom cutouts. BIG KINE’s brand is centered on surf, music and life so these Red Cedar Cards are the perfect fit.  

Custom shaped cards are just one of the many customization features offered by My Wood Business Card. 

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Need help with the design?


 We’ve got you covered with our $60 Artwork Service. 

If you have the ideas and content for your card and would like our team to create the design, our Artwork Service includes up to five digital proofs. We work one proof at a time, back and forth with you to make any changes needed!

Our in-house graphic design team is excited to assist you in creating the best custom shaped wood cards for your business. 

With custom shaped wood cards, you will STAND OUT and be remembered for years to come!


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