Wood Business Card Design Inspiration – Top Cards for Summer 2022

Published August 4, 2022

Author: mymetal_admin


Our entire team is passionate about bringing our clients’ vision to life to help make them stand out; it’s what we do everyday and it never gets old!

We work hard to earn your business as a customer for life because we truly believe in the impact our products have. For wood business card design Inspiration, check out our favorite and most impactful cards from this summer below!

1. Can’t Screw This Up!

Cherry Wood Business Card

Benjamin Bowen of Bowen Contracting wanted a card that truly represented his contracting business, while keeping the bells and whistles to a minimum. A natural Wood Business Card on its own does wonders, pulled straight from the material nature of the contracting industry! We love the way these cards make an impact through their subtle nature, and classic design.


  • This card is made from genuine Cherry Wood.
    • The subtle grain and warm tones of our Cherry Wood Business Cards make them a popular choice amongst those wanting to highlight more of the natural wood.
  • Using single sided Full Color Printing, we chose black to keep the design classic and understated.
    • Single sided Full Color Printing is included in our pricing!
  • The delicate border and silhouettes of different screws add visual interest and frame the contact information which is centered on the card.
  • Premium rounded corners were selected for that perfect finishing touch.

Our design team really nailed it with these custom Cherry Wood Business Cards!

2. Tag Me!

Cherry Wood Business Card With Custom Cutouts

Bill Hills of Winyah Timberlands was in search of a custom card that paid homage to his degree in forestry and over 40 years’ experience in timber management. Rising to the occasion, we were thrilled to design the perfect custom Cherry Wood Business Card to take him to the top!


  • Single sided Full Color Printing in a classic black to help the contact information and house graphic standout against the soft wood background. 
  • Using a laser, we created custom cut through areas to create a tree silhouette and to further highlight the cabin logo.
  • Rounded corners were also added to keep the organic feel of the card, eliminating all sharp edges.

Adding custom cut out areas is one of our favorite ways to upgrade a card and create something truly unique to hand out. Give it a try, we know you wood love it!

3. Hit the Ground Running

Mahogany Wood Business Card

Combining high quality craftsmanship and down-home construction, Ground Up knew that a true Mahogany Wood Business Card would offer the best of both! 


  • This is a genuine Mahogany Wood Business Card, known for its use in luxury wood crafting, and for its reddish-brown timber.
    • Mahogany is our most popular wood choice!
  • Catering further to the construction theme, we added a custom cut through brick pattern on the bottom, creating a rare WOW factor.
  • The main logo is UV printed large to take up the entire front of the cards while the backside contains all additional business and contact information.
  • A small touch like rounded corners adds that extra detail to provide a polished card.

Standing as its own artisanal creation, a custom Wood Business Card will speak VOLUMES about the quality products and services you provide!

We produce and ship thousands of custom Wood Business Card Designs daily, but these few cards stood out to us. We love it when our clients elevate their design with all our production capabilities! 

Every business has its own specialized vision and branding which is why at My Wood Business Card each order is completely unique – there are no two cards alike. We take special care in creating personalized products that are tailored to YOU.

All of our Wood Cards come standard with front side printing included, and we also offer a variety of customization options to elevate your cards to a whole new level! From custom cut through areas, adding a white base layer, and laser etching, the design possibilities are endless.

We hope you enjoyed our favorite card designs from summer 2022! When you’re ready to get started, contact us at Sales@mywoodbusinesscard.com or call us at 714.213.8155 so we can help design unique Wood Business Cards FOR YOU!